Analytics - Environment

Effects on people and the environment

Problem solutions and answers to various questions with a view to our environment are essential and can be quickly, reliably and cost-effectively answered through examinations conducted by our qualified laboratory staff. With environmental and analytical examinations, we provide a basis in order to answer questions, ensure quality, accompany renovations, control operational processes and in the long term protect staff and employed capital. Our state–of-the-art laboratory equipment also provides a high level of (quality) reliability.

We analyse for a better environment:

  • Solids

    Construction waste
    Recycling products

  • Water

    Waste water
    Cooling water
    Ground water
    Flowing and surface water

  • Standard analyses

    LAGA, DepV, BBodSchV
    AbfKlärV, AltholzV, RCL
    Concrete-corrosive potential, etc.

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