Analytics - Service and Consulting

Trust is good, control is better.

Our service is intended to relieve the strain on our customers. We supply best possible services by providing our customers with a complete package including analysis as well as advisory service and interdisciplinary final evaluations. The quality of sampling and respective preparation contribute significantly to the analysis results. Our trained and certified staff carries out accurate sampling on site and ensures professional preparation of samples. Comprehensive certifications guarantee qualified work processes.

We offer extensive consulting and services:

  • Sampling

    (Drinking) water, alloys, refractory materials, waste, etc.

  • Sample preparation

  • Expert reports

  • Product control & development

  • Quality assurance

    Accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025
    Notification in accordance with BBodSchV and AbfKlärV
    Investigating body in accordance with §25 State Waste Act of North Rhine-Westphalia
    EKVO laboratory in accordance with §10 no. 4 EKVO Drinking water investigation body according to TrinkwV