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Horn & Co. Analytics GmbH

Technology goes one more step beyond boundaries

Horn & Co. Analytics GmbH was founded as a neutral, independent and accredited test laboratory in 1994 and has always stood for precision, flexibility and speed in the field of analytical problem solutions. We are aware of our customers’ needs and current requirements. Our team has comprehensive experience in the fields of materials, environment and hygiene. In addition to pure analytics, however, our service and consultancy work has high priority for us.

20 years ago, the laboratory emerged as an independent corporate entity, originating from the company laboratory of Horn & Co. Group.

Our experts provide solutions and full service when it comes to waste avoidance, reuse, development and improvement of your products. We review, analyse and take samples of water, construction waste, refractory materials, steels, alloys, scrap and special materials in accordance with standardised analytical methods (DIN, EN, ISO, EPA etc.) in our modern laboratories.

Due to the expanding variety of different tasks, more than 45 employees at two locations now help to provide our wide spectrum of services. The team consists of trained samplers, material testers, several chemical laboratory assistants as well as a staff of 12 experts with academic qualifications covering sectors chemistry and biology.

A competitive edge is all about precision. We will be pleased to support you in handling your task. Take advantage of our expertise.

Horn & Co. Analytics GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Straße 2
57482 Wenden-Hünsborn

Represented by:
Dr. Lars Füchtjohann
Argjend Kameraj

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