A closed cycle for the sake of the environment.

Long-term solutions and partnerships based on trust are our objective

Since 1922, Horn & Co. Group has set itself a goal of developing concepts and processes in order to optimally reclaim residuals from industrial processes and to return them to the material and economic cycles. In view of the importance attached to energy saving, saving of natural resources and sustainability, a responsible company must be involved in this matter.

In particular in raw material and energy-intense fields of industry, requirements and possibilities exist for realising both economic and ecological optimisation.

Nationally approx. 40 million tonnes of various mineral waste are generated from thermal processes per year (Source: German Federal Office for Statistics: Environmental waste balance 2010). It is therefore imperative that solutions must be found which enable these quantities to be processed optimally, to relieve the landfill space, and to support the affected companies in safeguarding their sites.

Horn & Co. Group is able to fulfil this task using the collective experience from their four divisions, Steel Services, Minerals Recovery, Products und Analytics.