Innovative and professional recycling of refractory/ceramic materials

Mineralmahlwerk Westerwald Horn GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1956, is the origin and base of the Minerals Recovery division.

We are present all over Europe and are certified as a specialised waste management company. We are a thrust worthy partner when it comes to sustainable and legally secure waste disposal. The central part of our product range is the production of regenerative materials which are based on refractory residuals in the steel, glass, non-ferrous metal, lime, cement and chemical industry. We are authorized and capable of taking over refractory/ceramic residuals and waste and of distributing them as products after processing.

Reclaimed products replace or replenish many raw materials that are used in the refractory industry or in metallurgy. The controversial demands require expert competence and experience with regard to the raw materials used, e.g. when it concerns the chemical or mineralogical composition and properties or the behaviour at certain temperatures.

An expert team of engineers, covering specialist fields of ceramics, metallurgy, mineralogy, and chemistry, analyses and offers multiple options to use regenerative raw materials and avoid the expensive removal by dump disposal.