Mineralmahlwerk Westerwald Horn GmbH & Co. KG


Refractory breakout from iron, steel, glass, lime, cement and non-ferrous metal production are reclaimed and returned to the recycling process at our site in Weitefeld. Materials such as bauxite, andalusite, magnesium carbonate, Cohart Zac and chamottes, are sorted and crushed, ground and dried. Virgin raw materials (e.g. sintered magnesite) or raw materials based on alumina can be ground at our site in Weitefeld. Processing and preparation of materials for basic or demanding applications is carried out using high-performance mixing plants. We also provide customised blends according to specified recipes. Our almost fully automated plant ensures reliable and economically efficient operation. Thanks to uniform grain size distribution in each product mixture and the maximum reduction of excessive or improper grain sizes, we can guarantee a final product of excellent, uniform quality.