Minerals Recovery - Consulting and disposal

Sustainable and safe: experience and expertise to solve your waste disposal problems.

Increasingly complex lining concepts for aggregates in high-temperature processes guarantee users of refractories a stable and safe process control. However, this complicates proper waste disposal after use. No matter what kind of refractory residuals are generated at your site: our experts will help you to deal with all questions relating to the subject of disposal of refractory waste. If desired, we will provide an expert review of the materials and take samples from them on the spot.

Based on a chemical analysis and in close cooperation with you, we can plan the waste disposal route.

Based on our long-standing experience in the refractory recycling sector we can offer integrated overall disposal concepts. In this context, the latest applicable legal regulations, such as German Law on Closed Cycle Management (KrWG), are of vital importance. As a specialised waste management company, we provide the necessary prerequisites for taking over refractory waste from diverse sources, ensuring its proper handling and treatment, and delivering recovered material as a new product to our customers. It is our permanent objective to reclaim each material according to its properties with a maximum recycling efficiency and return it to suitable applications within the material cycle.

We can show you alternative applications of your refractory waste or provide advice on how to substitute primary raw materials with reclaimed ones.