Horn & Co. Products

The Products division ideally complements the portfolio of Horn & Co. Group. Extensive expertise in the reintroduction of secondary raw materials into the raw materials cycle makes Horn & Co. Group a pioneer when it comes to closing the perfect recycling cycle.

The performance spectrum of Horn & Co. Products includes the manufacture of shaped and unshaped refractory products and the distribution of unshaped products. To complement the range of refractory products, Horn & Co. Products offers the manufacture and the distribution of metallurgical reagents.

Both primary and secondary raw materials are used to manufacture products. Secondary raw materials are sourced exclusively from the Minerals Recovery division. When marketing our products, we feel it is our responsibility to provide our customers not only with products, but also with a sound disposal concept that, if necessary, can be implemented in cooperation with the Minerals Recovery division.

Product conception is aimed at using secondary raw materials that are generated mainly from refractory residuals in their original area of application and adding highest possible value. This unique concept contributes significantly towards conservation of the environment, resources and landfill spaces.