Products - distribution of regenerative raw materials

The distribution of refractory products is closely connected to the recovery of refractory residuals. Refractory breakout that has been processed in the highest quality in our Mineral Recovery division is suitable for a variety of applications. Each of our products has been granted product status as determined by German Law on Closed Cycle Management (KrWG) which allows our customers to focus on raw material procurement and not on waste laws.

To start with, our distribution service provides advice on the variety of possible uses of secondary raw materials. Intense discussions and a complete documentation of the manufacturing process are necessary to help customers overcome their initial reservations about using secondary raw materials.

We have a wide-ranging wealth of experience with regard to the reuse of secondary raw material grains in the field of shaped and unshaped refractory products. This allows us to produce individual raw materials with delivery reliability that meet all requirements. We consider technical specifications and grain structures and implement them to suit our customers’ requirements.

The material is usually delivered in chunks or loose grains and can be shipped in silo vehicles or packed in Big bags or sacks.