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Asbestos and artificial mineral fibres (AMF)

The terms “asbestos” and “artificial mineral fibres (AMF)” are collective terms for certain anorganic mineral fibres. The term “asbestos” encompasses a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals. AMF, in contrast, include fibres that are synthetically manufactured from mineral raw materials.

Due to their many positive properties, fibres from both groups are often added to technical (building) products to improve their characteristics. Depending on the product, its installation site and condition, or if the product is handled improperly (for instance during renovation work) – such fibres can pose a health hazard. Releasing and breathing in fiber dusts are particularly problematic.

Although statutory regulations prohibit or restrict the manufacturing and use of such products, these products are still found in existing buildings.

What (building) products could contain asbestos and AMF?

Asbestprobe, Sanierung, Bauschutt, Siegen, Wenden, Olpe

How can I identify an asbestos source?

As an independent, accredited testing laboratory, we can quickly and reliably verify the presence of asbestos and AMF for you via scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDS) in accordance with current directives (such as VDI 3866-5).

Trust in our services and in our well-trained team!


will be happy to analyse the following for you:

  • Material samples of technical (construction) products
  • Air samples after ambient air measurements
  • Contact samples to identify fibers in dust deposits

If you have any questions about these analyses, please contact our laboratory team at:

Persons of contact

Dr. Caroline Paprott
+49 2762 9740-28
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Stephan Köller
B.Sc. Chemistry
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+49 2762 9740-11