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Swimming and bathing water

According to the Infection Protection Law, swimming and bathing water, in addition to drinking water, may not pose a risk to human health. To avoid health risks, DIN 19643-1 establishes requirements for the hygienic use of swimming and bathing water. This regulation sets forth different testing obligations for public facilities operators.

Our services:

  • Sampling by qualified personnel who are integrated into the quality management system of our laboratory and work with us as their primary profession.
  • Microbiological and chemical analyses of swimming and bathing water, filtrate, filling and cleaning water.
    • Indoor and outdoor pools
    • Natural outdoor pools and other natural bodies of water
    • Small swimming ponds (lined ponds
    • Whirlpools
    • Therapeutic baths
  • Delivery of provisional reports if values exceed microbiological requirements
  • Planning required sampling in consideration of legally prescribed testing intervals and notifying responsible persons, as well as delivering testing results to the Health Department upon request
  • Advising on operator obligations

If you have any questions on these analyses, please contact our laboratory team at:

Persons of contact

Lina Willeke
Biology Technical Assistant (BTA)
+49 2762 9740-32
+49 2762 9740-11
Sylvia Eckhardt
Head of Division microbiology
+49 2762 9740-83
+49 2762 9740-11