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42. BImSchV

Legionella in cooling waters and wet separators according to the 42nd BImSchV

Since the legionella epidemic in Warstein in 2013, which caused one death in addition to many illnesses, companies are aware that microbiologically contaminated aerosols produced by cooling towers, cooling systems and wet separators can represent a health risk.

To ensure hygienic operations, system operators must have microbiological testing carried out regularly by an accredited laboratory, among other requirements (module 42 BImSchV).

Our services:

  • Sampling by qualified samplers with the necessary certificates in accordance with the TrinkwV and VDI 2047, are integrated into the quality management of our laboratory, and work for us as their primary occupation. Sampling is carried out under the regulations and the recommendation of the Federal Environmental Agency based on DIN EN ISO 19458.
  • Microbiological analysis of circulation and added water according to the specifications of the 42nd BimSchV based on ISO 11731 and different chemical tests according to VDI 2047
  • Preliminary reports if the action value is likely to be exceeded approx. 6-7 days after sampling, and delivery of testing results within 12 days
  • Planning necessary sampling in consideration of legally prescribed testing intervals and notification of responsible parties
  • Advising on business owner obligations according to the 42nd BImSchV
  • Basic training for your employees

If you have any questions on these analyses, please contact our laboratory team at:

Persons of contact

Daniel Dielmann
Chemical Lab Technician
+49 2762 9740-31
+49 2762 9740-11
Sylvia Eckhardt
Head of Division microbiology
+49 2762 9740-83
+49 2762 9740-11