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Surface analysis

Thanks to our trained and experienced professional personnel and our modern technology, Horn & Co. is happy to support you in characterising materials and finding the causes of damage. Our analyses can help with the following, for instance, depending on the specific application:

  • identifying minute inclusions, cracks or other faults in a workpiece and analysing their components,
  • inspecting very thin layer systems or minute particles and
  • visualising and assessing the structure of steel, ceramics or shaped fire-resistant products, for instance

Our surface analysis services:

Imaging processes

  • High-resolution images of a surface (structures, inclusions, layer systems, broken areas, cracks) or very small particles at very high zooms using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or light microscope
  • Visualizing objects in the micro to nanometre range


Determining the elemental composition of a surface

  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative elemental analysis of large surface areas using wavelength dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (WDs)
  • High-resolution qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis in the micrometre range of surfaces using energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) combination with the scanning electron microscope (SEM),
  • Determining the composition of inclusions, faults or layer systems
  • Determining the elemental distribution of selected surface areas (mapping)


Material testing

  • Adhesion testing
  • Cross-cut adhesive testing
  • Scratch and writing resistance testing
  • Surface resistance to care processes
  • Hand perspiration testing
  • Chrome-VI freedom of coatings
  • Further testing upon request


Metallography/damage analysis

  • Coating thickness measurement (through grinding and coulometric)
  • Step test
  • Testing for micropores and micro-cracks
  • Structure
  • Adhesion testing
  • Dezincification testing
  • Stress crack corrosion test
  • Further testing upon request


Realistic product corrosion and climatic testing

  • Corrosion cycle testing
  • Climate change cycle testing
  • Climate testing
  • Salt spray test
  • CASS test
  • Kesternich test
  • Russian mud test
  • Further testing upon request

If you have any questions on these analyses, please contact our laboratory team at:

Persons of contact

Dr. Caroline Paprott
+49 2762 9740-28
+49 2762 9740-11
Sandy John
Head of Laboratory
+49 212 221 470
+49 212 221 479