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X-ray analysis

In the field of X-ray analysis, we offer you the option of both identifying the chemical composition of your sample using X-ray fluorescence analysis and the mineral phases/compounds it contains using X-ray diffraction analysis.

Typical applications of the two methods are:

  • Determining the chemical composition and mineral phases of refractory materials and other oxides, ferroalloys and additive materials (lime, fluorspar, silicon carbide), steels (low-alloy, high-alloy, chrome steel, tool steel, etc.), slags, ceramics, cement, building materials, stones, casting powder, etc.
  • Identifying undesirable phases in materials (with the same chemical composition)
  • Obtaining species  information, for instance in samples containing iron
  • Plausibility testing for other analytic processes (“non-X-ray" processes)


Our X-ray analysis includes the following services:

Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

  • Fast analyses with different matrix-specific calibrations
  • Comprehensive matrix-specific range of reference materials
  • Analysis from fusion, powder pellets, or using non-destructive techniques
  • Qualitative oder quantitative Analyse


Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

  • High resolution analysis in the micrometre range of elementary surface compositionen
  • Identifying materials containing asbestos
  • Determining element distribution through element mapping (coloured representation of chemical elements in the sample)


X-ray diffraction analysis

  • Structure determination of crystalline compounds
  • Identifying crystalline phases/ compounds in a sample
  • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis (Rietveld refinement) possible
  • Determining the amorphous portion


If you have any questions on these analyses, please contact our laboratory team at:

Persons of contact

Stephan Köller
B.Sc. Chemistry
+49 2762 9740-93
+49 2762 9740-11
Johan Mouissi
B.Sc. Mathematics
+49 2762 9740-85
+49 2762 9740-11
Florian Droste
Head of Department Inorganics
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+49 2762 9740-11
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Köhler
+49 151 14231997