Competent partner to the steel industry

Eisen- & Stein-Gesellschaft mbH has been an important part of the Horn & Co. Steel Services division since 1922, and is your expert partner for steel industry services. We engage in the processes on site and act as a reliable service partner when it comes to handling, processing, disposal, and recycling of all types of solid residuals. Steel Services helps customers to concentrate on core competences and cares for all preceding and follow-up work steps.

We offer additional services, such as cleaning of industrial facilities and transportation routes if required. We also provide maintenance work by our experienced workshop service on machinery and equipment and can test your mobile technical inventory in accordance with German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV). Our staff and machinery resources on site are always prepared to provide a flexible service on short notice at the request of our customers. This is ideal for construction projects, regular cleaning and maintenance work, or even when there are breakdowns in production.

Close contact with customers enables us to develop specific and practical service solutions. Equipment adapted to the processes, highly experienced and motivated staff, and innovative concepts based on many years’ experience are our answer to the challenges of dynamic markets and customer’s requirements.