Steel Services - Slag Management

Where steel is made, slag arises and this is where we come in.

Slag management comprises the whole processing route of steel slag, from clearing away the hot slag, transportation and processing to final recycling or disposal. Concept and implementation of the slag management are adapted to specific customer demands and local conditions.

After tapping, in accordance with the furnace working cycle the hot slag is loaded onto special vehicles, which are designed to withstand the high thermal and mechanical stresses in these areas. We use the Clean-Pit-Method to load and transport the slag away from the steel mill.

Modern processing technology is used to separate the cooled slag into metallic and mineral components and to process by-products. Metal contents can be separated from the steel slag using magnetic separator systems.

The materials are then sorted by hand to separate non-magnetic, metallic, and other fractions from the slag. If a slag cannot be classified as a by-product, when necessary, we ensure that it is removed in connection with an adequate waste disposal treatment.