Steel Services - Scrap Management

Our know-how: scrap management for more benefit and efficiency.

As a service provider in the scrap management sector we carry out all process steps before the melting process as far as charge scrap is concerned. Efficient handling devices guarantee a reliable inventory management and consignment system for the materials. Our trained staff performs tests of incoming raw materials on site and as specified by the melting shop.

The scrap is classified on site using mobile analytic X-ray fluorescence devices in accordance scrap classes as specified by the customer.

Depending on customer’s analytic requirements and the necessary product quality, more extensive analytical tests can be undertaken by the Horn & Co. Analytics expert team.

Just-in-time transport of raw materials from the dumping ground to the melting unit using special vehicles is available. To ensure optimized processes, we crush the metal to usable sizes using flame cutting or skull cracking.

Coordinated and flexible scrap management allows Horn & Co. Steel Services to ensure continuous supply of melting units at any time.