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The customer benefits of Horn & Co.

benefits from a partnership with Horn & Co.

The Horn & Co. Group motto, “Strength through diversity” is anchored in four business divisions. In the Industrial Services area, we offer a package guaranteeing our customers key process security and resource protection through our element “Real services”.

Alongside the areas of Minerals Recovery and Products, we are very well positioned as “Europe's most sustainable producer of refractory products” and focus even more closely on saving CO2, professional and legal disposal, which work together to save a significant amount of resources. In addition, we offer custom products with consistent high quality in the Products area, further strengthening our diversity.

In the specialized area of Analytics, as well, we do everything to make diversity a reality: a broad analytical range, high speed processes to arrive at results, and both service and advising beyond the analytic results.

Strength through diversity: that's the Horn & Co. Group.
That is customer benefit at the highest level.