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Strength through diversity

But what is diversity? Why does diversity make us strong?

At the Horn & Co. Group, we have developed a business model that networks the diversity of our services to create a level of strength that offers unlimited benefits to our customers.

“Networking diversity” at Horn & Co. means, for example, that we have created an internal communication platform  where the different business areas of Industrial Services, Minerals Recovery, Products and Analytics can communicate as effectively as possible. No matter who you contact at Horn & Co. and what your request is, as a customer you will always have direct contact to our full range of diversity. Simple. Fast. Real.

Diversity also means that Horn & Co. needs to address and meet customer needs not only today, but into the future as well. Because of this, we also understand diversity as a process: continuing to perfect products and identifying new product variants. Discovering fresh synergies and developing these as well. The strength to continue redefining and manifesting ourselves as a complete provider. This expands the field of diversity to add value for our customers.

Ultimately, people are behind all of our strengths. For Horn & Co., that means bringing the diversity of different people together who represent the Horn & Co. Group both internally and externally. To do so, we have created and actively maintain a culture of openness and respect; this culture, and compliance with our Code of Conduct, protect and harmonize our diversity.

Working with the Horn & Co. Group means you have a partner on your side whose strength is guaranteed through our diversity.