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Sustainability: for the good of the environment!

In keeping with the principle of “strength through diversity” and our business model, we take our social responsibility very seriously, using our passion and intellect to ensure sustainable operations. As a medium-sized enterprise rooted in the region, the company has a broad impact on the environment and society. That includes social as well as ecological and economic aspects. 

Our specific contribution to working sustainably, which plays a significant role in our business success, is reflected in the following action areas. 

  • Fair business practices:
    We promote long-term partnerships with our customers, working together to consider environmental influences, social responsibility and shared success. We act as a local supplier for the customer and reinforce the associated benefits. In addition, we intentionally use local suppliers and retailers wherever possible, establishing minimum standards for the supply chain (e.g. material origin, etc.). 
  • Modern company management:
    The company management follows an employee-oriented personnel policy that aims to create a healthy work climate and high levels of employee satisfaction (among other things through our “social & attractive” concept). The employees’ faith in the management, and the management’s responsible implementation of trained personnel and safe work processes, play an important role here. That allows for innovation from within and forms the basis for our own company development.
  • Social commitment at a local level:
    Partnerships with athletic, cultural and educational institutions benefit both sides. Young people are given better prospects, and we are able to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. 
  • Ecological and economic responsibility in the supply chain:
    The goal is to develop optimal recycling concepts and procedures for residual materials generated in the industry, feeding them back into the material and economic cycle. 
    Saving natural resources and energy by using our materials intelligently, alongside the established production and recycling processes, leads to efficient resource management and helps protect the climate and the environment.
    Nationwide, according to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, thermal processes generate around 40 million tons of miscellaneous mineral waste every year. We need solutions that allow us to recycle as much of this volume as possible, saving landfill space and helping the affected companies secure their economic future. 


Particularly in traditional industries, which use high volumes of raw materials and energy, economic and ecological optimizations are both necessary and possible. Horn & Co. has been working on this challenge since 1922 using the accumulated experience of its four divisions: Industrial Services, Minerals Recovery, Products, and Analytics.

“We are looking ahead to the next step: making the group’s service portfolio accessible to our customers’ customers!”