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Refractory Construction

Refractory work is an area that involves traditional craftsmanship. There are still a few fields in industrial manufacturing that require top-quality manual labour. Refractory work done within the industrial thermal process landscape is one of them. For our employees, that means working under challenging conditions and with the greatest precision. To make sure we can continue doing this in-house in the future, Horn & Co. Group – a training workplace listed in the Register of Craft Businesses – is committed to passing down a tradition shaped by sustainability and core values.

The materials cycle provides the basis for reliable system stability and functionality of the refractory products. That includes the raw materials, manufacturing and installation as well as excavating the used refractory materials and reusing them as secondary raw materials.  

Our installation services for a wide range of materials play a key role in the functional usage of the refractory components.

Aside from Horn & Co. Group, there is no other company in Germany whose day-to-day business focuses so thoroughly on every process step of the closed materials cycle for mineral refractory products. At Krost Industrieofenbau GmbH, we benefit from the resources of other divisions in Horn & Co. Group through an interdisciplinary exchange.

Our understanding of thermal processes and the differing requirements for refractory applications in the various plants comes from extensive communication with our customers about their needs and experiences.

Refractory building means building differently – differently than in traditional construction. That is what distinguishes us from our competitors.  

Metallurgical vessels for transporting and handling molten compounds pose a special challenge when it comes to installing precision refractory products.

“Wherever there’s air, there’s nothing!” This statement by one of our customers refers to our seamless refractory lining. The quality of our linings is guaranteed by our consistent, standardized installation work, along with the skills of our conscientious, professional refractory masons.

We follow a “zero-error philosophy” – every day, for every employee!

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