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Internal logistics

Good process flow thanks to organizational talent.

By combining our two core services of slag and scrap handling, we can offer a variety of synergies with our customers' internal logistics.

With our fleet of specialized vehicles specifically tailored to internal company applications, we offer optimal transportation solutions for your goods. Our range of experience includes not only transporting slags and scrap, but also semi-finished and finished goods, loose bulk goods and other residual materials that need to be moved within a steel plant. Our vehicle fleet includes, for instance, tractor units for heavy-duty trailers, truck skip loaders and roll-off tippers, dumpers, haulers and many different specialty vehicles.

Horn & Co. Industrial Services uses our customers' logistics systems thanks to our long-term experience in integrating provided transportation services. Transportation contracts are coordinated and dispatched in close coordination with the customer, and are based on a consistent vehicle fleet management system.

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