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Scrap handling

Reliable know-how: Scrap handling – For added use and profitability

As a service provider in the scrap handling field, we handle all work steps upstream of the smelting process related to scrap as a commodity. We use high-performing turnover equipment to guarantee reliable warehouse management and material picking. Our trained personnel handle incoming controlling of raw materials on site to ensure they meet the specifications required by the smelting operation.

Scrap is classified in the factory using mobile X-ray fluorescence analytic equipment according to customer-specified classes.

Depending on the customer's analytic requirements and planned product quality, further analysis may be carried out by our business area Horn & Co. Analytics.

Raw materials can be transported quickly from the storage location to the smelting aggregate using specialized vehicles. To ensure a better process, we shred the metal to usable sizes at a combustion stand or in our scrap breaker.

Horn & Co. Industrial Services ensures a seamless and continuous supply to the smelting aggregate via coordinated scrap handling processes.

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