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Slag handling

Wherever steel is produced, so is slag – and that's where we come in.

The term slag handling includes the entire process used to prepare steel mill slag. It starts with clearing hot slag and ranges from transportation to preparation and finally recycling or disposal. Slag handling is designed and implemented based on customer-specific and local conditions.

In the furnace cycle after cutting, the hot slag is loaded onto specialized vehicles designed particularly to handle the high thermal and mechanical loads in these areas using our clean pit process and transported out of the steel mill.

Modern processing technology is used to separate the decalcified slags into metal and mineral components and process these into secondary products. Magnetic separation systems can be used to separate metal components out of the steel mill slag.

Then the mixture is sorted manually to separate non-magnetic, metal and other components from the slag. If slag cannot be classified as a secondary product, we handle disposal if necessary and deal with landfill disposal.

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