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Recycling as a business success factor

With the CERO Waste concept, we enable industrial companies to turn the principle of closed-loop recycling into a key business success factor.

With CERO Waste, waste is no longer “just” waste. It becomes the sustainable basis for a new way of procuring raw materials or for the production of further products, based loosely on the motto: Away from the principle of scarcity - towards a) a more intelligent use of resources and b) an increase in supply security.

In addition, our CERO Waste concept also creates all the prerequisites for compliance with the European Waste Framework Directive and ensures process and legal security in terms of analysis, transport, documentation and disposal of waste.

Core competence

How does it work?

The CERO Waste concept stands for the continuous economic optimization of the recycling process. In the process, the proportion of primary raw materials in the raw material cycle is reduced and the proportion of secondary raw materials is increased. 

Core activity

What does CERO Waste have to offer?

CERO Waste is divided into four service areas: Collection point management, disposal, material sorting and recycling. These segments are linked to the following three stages in the business raw material cycle: waste management, recycling and production.

This results in the following allocations:

  • CERO Waste collection point management takes effect in the area of waste management,
  • CERO Waste disposal and material sorting in the area of recycling, and
  • CERO Waste recycling takes effect in the area of production.

The range of services offered by the CERO Waste segments in detail:

Within the framework of CERO Waste disposal collection point management, solutions are developed around project planning, the possible optimization of material flows as well as the establishment of legal certainty concerning the analysis, transportation and documentation of material flows as well as waste disposal.

CERO Waste disposal is characterised by the responsible handling of waste transport or the achievement of the “end-of-waste” status according to the EU Directive.

The central task of CERO Waste material sorting is to achieve the maximum possible yield of recyclable materials.

To achieve this, the material is subjected to a) manual sorting, b) a laser spectroscopic process and c) quality control. Here, too, the objective is to achieve “end-of-waste” status, i.e., the conversion of waste into a reusable product. Taking original refractory waste as an example, this would include dolomite, magnesia-carbon bricks or even concretes.

The focus of CERO Waste recycling is on ready-to-use raw materials for the refractory and ceramics industries or the iron and steel industry, and additionally on ready-to-use products for the refractory industry.

The name is a sign

The CERO Waste concept stands for “Continuous Economic Recycling Optimization”.